About our services

Now under new management!

We "Aim" to provide the best indoor shooting destination and user experience available!

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all our regular visitors and guests.

Atherton Indoor Range is run by shooters with a "Can do approach" for shooters.

We aim to provide the best facilities and experience to existing and new shooters alike.

We offer everyone the opportunity to try shooting, you don't need to be an established shooter or a member to visit us.
There is always someone who will offer help and support to new a shooter.
Good quality and free advice is available from us on what to buy if you need to purchase equipment (or you can hire guns from us to make sure you enjoy it before you part with your money), we don't sell guns so any advice offered will be totally impartial.

Oftentimes experienced shooters need help too, a chat, a cup of tea or coffee and to be amongst people with the same hobby.

A.I.R - the Group Therapy Range!

Another satisfied new airgun shooter is very pleased with their first attempt at shooting air rifles